2018-19 “eins+eins”

The term “eins+eins” was a means collaboration and création: the sum of 2 different and independent elements which fuse to one. Together with artists from different backgrounds, cultures, and aesthetics, ET|ET presented 8 concerts with 4 new performances between 2018 and early 2019.

The idea was simple: how can we continue to grow as artists and challenge our work methods, while simultaneously opening this art up to new influences and (equally critical) audiences? The quartet arrived to 4 different artists based in Switzerland and Canada and 4 very different projects and performances.

20.6.2018, 21 Uhr  Dampfzentrale, Bern
22.6.2018, 20 Uhr  Kaskadenkondensator, Basel

The internationally celebrated Artist Zimoun, best known for his hybrid sound installation works, developed a composition in collaboration with ET|ET which takes on a microscopic sound concept as its focus. Over the course of an hour, sounds are created in real time using the simplest of materials. The musical process reveals a multitude of what Zimoun calls “micro-rhythms” to form seemingly organic interlocking sound structures.

Through the subtle superimposition sound, psychoacoustic phenomena unfold and form a rich sonic space.

“My interest in composition is not how to get from A to B, but rather to create static spaces and states.  Then it is possible to realise sound-architectures whose acoustic effect is much like that of entering and experiencing a building’s space. At the core, we find the dialog between void, density, space, structure, Interplay, Stasis and Balance.”


The performance uses everyday objects, both found and purchased, which often disguise their sonic characteristics from us in our everyday life. These objects like pine cones, aluminum foil, plastic conduit, packing peanuts and effervescent vitamin-supplements are amplified to an effect that deepens our perspective to the audibly microscopic. The addition of a handful of sound-objects from Zimoun enhances the material to the equally fascination sound world of the mechanical.

The sound and stage design was done by ET|ET.

19.9.2018, 20 Uhr  Parterre1, Basel
20.9.2018, 21 Uhr  Dampfzentrale, Bern

“Liminoids (working title) is an audiovisual performance project using a constellation of pseudo-spherical luminous interfaces. The interfaces reminding of a constellations of star on stage, will be illuminated in motion to create a dynamic visual landscape.”

Myriam Bleau focused on her at that time current project of the ___. She expanded that concept with ET|ET adding a pendulum dimension to the objects which increased demands on the space. As this was the first concert of contemporary music in Parterre1, the design of the pendulums required and extra sensitive awareness.

The pendulum objects were based on a gyroscopic set of sensors, translating that data into the sonic, synchronised over a local area network – requiring the audience to completely deactivate their mobile phones.

Biography:  www.myriambleau.com

3.10.2018, 20 Uhr Parterre1, Basel
4.10.218, 21 Uhr  Dampfzentrale, Bern

Documentation Video

Contemporary Music and Beat as united power! Digging deep into sound exploration, this one hour performance from Julian Sartorius and ET|ET has turned out to have the longest afterlife of the other projects. Already booked for 3 further performances, the summer of 2020 features the French premier.

The shared working phase explored many different sound spaces and possible paths for the journey that is this piece: an epic walk through this sonic toolshed of beat and sound.

Biography: www.juliansartorius.ch

9.1.2019, 20 Uhr Parterre1, Basel
10.1.2019, 20 Uhr Dampfzentrale, Bern

Strotter Inst. works solely with prepared record players and other long-forgotten cultural artefacts, creating sound and rhythmic structures of singular intensity. Working together with Strotter Inst.’s objects, ET|ET interfaces again with varying forms of pendulum actions (based on the repetitive nature of a record players function). Swinging Instruments, microphones and loudspeakers create unpredictable loops abstract rhythms and soundscapes.

Biogrphy: www.strotter.org 


Kulturelles BS/BL, Kanton Bern ERZ, Kultur Stadt Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern Kulturstiftung, Migros Kulturpozent Aare, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Nestlé Fondation pour l’Art, Fondation Suiza, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, UBS Kulturstiftung (ZIMOUN)