Beleuchtend was an attempt to use the scenic element of light to “illuminate” different ideas in a piece, or to place emphasis on different aspects of the repertoire we were playing. We discovered together that a well placed spotlight on one player or their instruments can focus the attention and perception of an audience member. With these simple ideas, we developed a concept which would lead the audience through different aspects of the pieces. Finishing the program with the George Aperghis’ landmark piece Les Guetters de Sons

A trailer from our appearance at the Trugschluss concert series in Marbug, Germany can be seen below:

The program was:
Alex Buess (1954) – Eskalation (2015) *
Simon Løffler – b (2012)
Michael Maierhof (1956) – Specific Objects (2013)
Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (1974) – Kein Thema (2007)
Georges Aperghis (1945)- Les Guetteurs de Sons (1981)

the piece Eskalation from Alex Buess was comissioned with funds from: